Seller: Victoria V.
State: Michigan
City: Kalamazoo
Zip code: 49001
Type: Animals name is Sabrina & I`m looking for someone to love me and who I can call my own. I don`t have a home right now & have been living outside sometimes and sometimes with a nice guy who`s been trying to help me. My mom was taken to the Pound and I`m what`s left out of a litter of her kittens, I sure hope she gets a good home soon too!  When Mike calls me to give me some food I go running & give him some kisses for feeding me. I was born on July 11 so lets see..I`m just 4 months old! There are some little kids in the neighborhood who play with me sometimes and it sure makes me wish I had kids of my own I could play with everyday and to snuggle up with at bedtime. Mike has let me in his house a few times cuz I think he feels bad for me being all alone now but he cant keep me. It`s funny..seems like whenever I go inside his house he starts sneezing and coughing a really really lot! Mike thinks I`m a very pretty girl and I am as good as I know how to be when he lets me inside. I kinda hang out at the neighbors too outside in their yard. There have been dogs close to me and I bet they wanna chase me but I dont mind if they do. It`s almost Thanksgiving Day and I`m am very thankful to Mike for putting food outside for me and I know he feels bad cuz I cant stay with him forever but he has helped me a really lot! He hopes there is just 1 person in the whole world who would like me and would want me to be a part of their home! I fold my little paws every night and ask the Big Kitty in the sky if its not too much trouble could I PLEASE get my home soon. Since no one really claims me I dont know what a Vet looks like but hope I will get to meet 1 if I get my home soon. My mama told me  "A Healthy Pet is a Happy Pet!"  If you would like to meet me all you have to do is respond to this "ad" and the lady who is helping Mike find me a home will email you right back with Mike`s cell phone number and you can call him to make arrangements to come and visit me. I am so excited to maybe meet my new parents and sure hope someone wants to give me a good home! Thank You for taking the time to read about me & Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Your Fuzzy Friend Sabrina!